ZuckBook Designers

Most people have a funny attitude towards Facebook. Whenever there's a privacy scare, there's a little uproar from a very small minority of geeks that is forgotten after approximately twenty minutes.

When Facebook pushed UI updates in the past, there would be furious dissent from the masses. People would claw onto the old interface for as long as possible until the Zuck finally pushed the new design to all users, wanted or not.

And so Facebook did what any sensible company would do. It hired designers. Good designers. Great designers. The best designers! Facebook would stop at nothing have a team that would be able to create perfect redesigns. Interfaces that people would love and spend more time looking at and be inspired to click ad after ad.

But as I look at my News Feed (reluctantly) one thing is apparent. Designers or no designers, people hate change. And the dissatisfaction of one billion people is a lot of dissatisfaction