It's Game Time

I'm two thirds through a 3 month stint without a personal computer. Just me, my iPhone and iPad. And there's been a few occasions when it's been a nuisance but overall the experience has been pretty great. One thing I have been doing a lot of in my free time is gaming on the iPad. And while most of us already know that gaming on iOS can be pretty exceptional, I think it's about to get even better.

In a few weeks, iOS7 will introduce new APIs for wireless game controllers. And let me put this simply: this will be really, really big. If the right people make the right product and get the right marketing out, Apple will stand to make huge inroads into the home console market, in much the same way that they've taken over mobile gaming. And while I think it's unlikely, it's certainly not impossible that Apple release a controller of their own.

Within the next year, I expect Apple to launch an updated AppleTV with controller support and enough horsepower to drive some compelling games. No it won't match the XBox One or the Playstation 4. But it'll be close enough for the vast majority. The cost of blockbuster games will decrease rapidly. In-App-Purchases will continue to drive people insane. And we might even see iCloud providing seamless transitions between AppleTV, iPad and iPhone (or perhaps more importantly the iPod Touch).