Failing to Try

Last week I volunteered at (and essentially attended) the Úll conference here in Dublin. And it was fantastic. I say that without any reservations, the organisers Paul, Dermott and Kilian did an amazing job. And I want to say that it was a life changing experience. But I won't. Not just yet.

In Ireland there's a real culture of kids going to kindergarten, primary school, secondary school and then university. And then these people get their degrees and they stumble out of the gates into the world, blinking like someone walking out of a cave for the first time in their life.

And that's bullshit. It creates a culture where people do as little as possible to get by. Coasters. Why work now when I can work in college? Why work in first year when I can work during my thesis?

And so I'm trying to break out of this. So I'm trying to do new things. And they might fail. They might never see the light of day. But that's okay. I'm still in college and I'm treating it as a safety net instead of a just desk to sit at. A sheltered place where I can try and fail with immunity. And I'm not saying that changing the way your approach to life easy, that's how I've been conditioned since I could think about my future. So fuck the future. Here's to the present. Here's to retroactive life changing experience.

Stop asking people what they want to be when they grow up. Ask them what they want to be today.