Long Time Sceptic, First Time User

My brief experience with Windows 8 was not long before Christmas last year setting up laptop for my stepbrother. After getting the packaging open as nearly as I could I started up the machine to put in the few details it needed so it was ready for him to use Christmas morning. A fine plan.

The first unexpected event was right after filling in the details: An update.

Yes on a brand new computer. With Windows 8 already pre-loaded. Ridiculous right? And it seemed to be related to the manufacturer's (Samsung or Lenovo I think) crapware. So I begrudgingly sat through that for a few minutes, not the end of the world.

But then as soon as I got to the home screen (is it the start screen? I'm just not sure anymore.) I was informed that app updates were available. And so I wondered what exactly had just updated, if not the apps. And so with a hint of uncertainty I opened up the app store (marketplace?).

And if my experience to this point had been a little peculiar it hadn't exactly been difficult. But the store was a whole different manner.

It lacked an Update All button. Or at least any one that I could see. And I'm no expert on Windows UI. But I spend a lot of time dealing with tech and I consider myself more capable than the average user at finding their way around an unfamiliar UI. You probably do too.

But if a user can't find a button, there might as well be no button. And I tried searching for it but that proved fruitless too. So please don't contact me telling me where to find that button that may or may not exist. If you do, you've missed the point.

And secondly, I couldn't tell the difference between apps on the store that were on the computer and apps that weren't. No obvious Purchased tab. No badges or labels. And I wasn't going to tap through every app to see if it was installed and if it needed an update. Sorry.

So in the end I downloaded Minecraft. Which ran within the old school Windows UI. Congratulations Microsoft. I look forward to seeing more compromise-free products in the future.