I've never been one for New Years Resolutions. I have a habit of breaking them. But I do appreciate the opportunity to try and improve. There's lots I'd like to work on certainly. To take more pictures. To write more. To more readily show my work. But all of that seems to take second place to actually doing work. Time is ever in short supply. So maybe I'll try to lower my standards, to worry less and do more. That seems a little more approachable.

Songs For Someone

It's been a big week of Apple announcements. Between the new iPhone 6 models, the ᴡᴀᴛᴄʜ and Pay there's lots to talk about. But I wonder if the announcement with the most long term implications was musical.

I can't help but guess if U2's release of their new album is indicative of the direction the music industry is going. While music sales are ever decreasing, streaming services seem to be rapidly growing in popularity. Apple must be feeling anxious and I'm not convinced that Beats Music will be enough to retain customers. So what next?

My guess is an increasing shift towards the TV industry model. Companies like Apple, Google and Amazon competing for artist exclusivity, and then gifting music to customers to increase the value proposition of devices and services. Microsoft and Sony have both done very well with exlusives (and timed exclusives) for their game consoles and TV stations such as HBO have had huge success in locking down their own content.

It's been over 10 years since Apple introduced the iTunes Store carried to success by the iPod, I'm excited for what they do next.


I spent the first weekend of my summer out in the wonderful middle of nowhere in Galway with friends. I don't think I've felt so relaxed in years. And the weather was surprisingly good. The water, however, was absolutely freezing.

I amsterdam

Just spent a very interesting four days in the city of Amsterdam. A most peculiar city; like Germany without inhibitions. Functional but relaxed. Rigorously designed but organically aesthetic. I ate some great food, and drank a beautifully made (though horrendously overpriced) cup of Aeropress coffee. And failed to bring any coffee back. Oh well. A city well worth visiting, I hope you like the pictures I took while there.

Also saw a dwarf painted blue, wearing a smurf outfit. So there's that.

Photo A Day

So I'm working on getting photographs out there a little more regularly. Somewhere I can post casually without worrying whether or not the images are up to a "portfolio standard". So I've created a new twitter account to post to daily. On top of this they'll all be posted here to the blog and on Instagram (where they'll be cropped).

Hopefully the restraint to one image per day will prevent this from being irritating to anyone. And of course any comments, criticism and sharing is greatly appreciated.

I hope you enjoy.

I Can Feel It.

2001: A Space Odyssey. I made this short comic for the current project I'm working on in college. Pretty happy with the results.

Comic Page.jpg


It's been a busy, busy week in my little photography world. I had shoots Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday and Saturday again. And today I'm printing. Which is delightful but college work has definitely fallen to the wayside a bit. So yay for time management. But in general the work has been great, I hope it keeps up at a similar rate in future.


Really looking forward to tomorrow's Apple event. I've been waiting a long time to see the new Retina MacBook Pro. Hopefully I'll be able to et one around Christmas. New iPad's should be interesting too. I like the idea of replacing my iPad 3 with a Retina iPad Mini at some point in the future. Hopefully we'll get Mavericks by the end of the week. Apart from that not expecting any surprises. It would be nice to see the Apple TV get an iOS7 style redesign but I'm not holding my breath. No talk of new iPods. Unlikely that we'll see any new product categories. Should be an interesting afternoon anyway.


Had a nice weekend shooting the interior of Avoca on Suffolk Street. Pictures will be up soon. Sent my iPhone in for repairs. Could be up to weeks. So that'll be fun.


So I went ahead with the redesign. Any kinks that crop up will get ironed out along the way. I'm prretty with how it's looking and I hope you guys are too.


Looked into redesigning the website this morning. A template with much larger images could be a big improvement. It'll take some playing around before I flip the switch but I'm happy with the results so far

Catch Up

Well it's been far too long since I last posted which I apologise for. And for no good reason other than that writing can be hard. But I guess I'm back and I'll try to update more frequently. It woulfd be great to do a post a day and I'm goin to try that for a week and see if I can keep up.

In other news, I spent the summer in San Francisco which was fantastic and now I'm back at college which is cool too.

It's Game Time

I'm two thirds through a 3 month stint without a personal computer. Just me, my iPhone and iPad. And there's been a few occasions when it's been a nuisance but overall the experience has been pretty great. One thing I have been doing a lot of in my free time is gaming on the iPad. And while most of us already know that gaming on iOS can be pretty exceptional, I think it's about to get even better.

In a few weeks, iOS7 will introduce new APIs for wireless game controllers. And let me put this simply: this will be really, really big. If the right people make the right product and get the right marketing out, Apple will stand to make huge inroads into the home console market, in much the same way that they've taken over mobile gaming. And while I think it's unlikely, it's certainly not impossible that Apple release a controller of their own.

Within the next year, I expect Apple to launch an updated AppleTV with controller support and enough horsepower to drive some compelling games. No it won't match the XBox One or the Playstation 4. But it'll be close enough for the vast majority. The cost of blockbuster games will decrease rapidly. In-App-Purchases will continue to drive people insane. And we might even see iCloud providing seamless transitions between AppleTV, iPad and iPhone (or perhaps more importantly the iPod Touch).